The Christian Institute is holding meetings in Bridport and Salisbury.

The Christian Institute is holding meetings in Bridport and Salisbury.

The meetings will aim to encourage Christians to be confident and effective in taking a stand as salt and light in our nation. Myself and Communications Officer Pádraig O’ Halloran will talk about concerns facing Christians today, such as:


Wednesday 4 July, at 7:30pm – 8:45pm

Chardsmead Baptist Church
Victoria Grove, Bridport, Dorset,
DT6 3AD – View map

Contact: Mr Peter Bruce 01308 458478


Thursday 5 July, at 8:00pm – 9:15pm

Bishopdown Evangelical Church
Bishopdown Road, Salisbury,
SP1 3DU – View map

Contact: Gavin Walker 07842 241612


The Bible teaches that parents should have primary responsibility for raising their children. But the state has a growing tendency to overreach its proper role and undermine parental authority. We will bring you up to date.

Gospel Freedom

Free speech and religious liberty are under threat because of a failure to understand true tolerance and the roots of our historic democratic freedoms. The impact of equality law is just one example. We will explain more.

Gender Ideology

Radical gender ideology is being pushed by the media and the Government plans to make it easier to change legal sex. At the same time, transgenderism is being promoted in schools. We will consider how Christians should respond.
For all the details about these meetings please see our leaflet.

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