School Shooting. New Movie.

From LivingWaters.

Another school shooting today! At least 10 dead.

It is because of these ongoing tragedies that we decided to release our new film today:

“School Shootings: the cause and the cure, in twenty minutes…for those who want to know.” The world doesn’t know why these events are happening. We do. Watch it freely. Share it immediately. Pray God uses it.

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  1. The reason for school shootings isn’t the prevalence of guns per se but the removal of God and the Bible from the schools.

    There have always been guns in the US but these school shootings didn’t happen 60 years ago – why,because the pupils were taught the Bible and this led to a strong sense of self-restraint.

    However, in the 1960s the Supreme Court made a number of rulings that removed God and the Bible from schools. These shootings are the result.

    • Too right. It is a problem with the heart of man, not the tools we use. Here in the UK, we have fewer guns, so we use knives and acid, and if you ban those we would use screwdrivers and… we anything that will kill.

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