TRPR 13 – Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

In this Brexit celebration special, as well as a look at the Brexit news headlines and a few other items that you might have missed, Andrew has a major interview with Tim Cohen about the British Royal Family. Have we just escaped from the EU, only to fall under the tyranny of…

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The Red Pill Report episode 13.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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Trudeau “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.”

Child Sex Slave for the ‘well Respected’ Financial Elite Blows the Whistle & Unveils Her Horrifying Experience.

Parents shocked after hard-up primary school in Crowborough asks pupils to bring in their own LOO ROLLS.


Angela Merkel derails Theresa May’s Brexit plan by rejecting parallel trade talks.

Interview with Tim Cohen author of The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea.

Tim’s Website is

The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea – paperback

Numbering System.

Numbering system

Conventional elements of coats of arms

Conventional elements of coats of arms

Mark or label of the elder son

Mark the elder son

Coat of Arms of Charles Prince of Wales

Coat of Arms of Charles Prince of Wales

Coat of Arms of Charles Prince of Wales – with notes

Coat of Arms of Charles Queen Elizabeth II

Coat of Arms of Charles Queen Elizabeth II

Investiture of The Prince of Wales.

Dragon Banners

Dragon Thrown

Nations Climate Change Conference, Paris.

World leaders pose for a group photo at United Nations Climate Change Conference, Paris, [AP]

Prince Charles as a Winged God or Prince Charles, “Saving the world.”

Prince Charles as a winged god.

Prince Charles as a winged god, close up.


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