TRPR 133 – News Review 2 June 2019.

Unfortunately, this is going to be the last podcast for a while. Events had popped up that need my attention and I will be taking a break.

Show notes

The Red Pill Report episode 133.

Welcome and thanks for listening.

I am sorry to announce that for a while I will be taking a break from the podcast.

I may post a few items to the website from time to time. I have put two up this weekend.

Snow Doesn’t Lie – But Climate Scientists Do


Must watch!

Alternative listening…

TRUNEWS a fantastic one hour or so each day on the BIG issues of this world.

Generations Radio with ‘The World View In Five’ minutes is a great snapshot of world news from a Christians perspective and then 20 minutes or so look at how society and its norms are changing and affecting the church and our families.

The Christian Institute has a great weekly newsletter looking at UK news from a Christian perpectiv.

Keep serving the Lord and see you soon God willing.


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