TRPR 153 – News Review 21 October 2019.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, including answering the question, “are the lunatics running the allium”… almost, the opposition is now governing! UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says Julian Assange exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged time. We will look at the roots of the Bulgaria v England: ‘Football racists chants, Chick-fil-A hounded out of the UK by the LGBT lobby! Problems with pronouns, Universities want to pursue unintentional ‘hate crimes,’ We will look at some quotes from CNN’s LGBT Townhall, and we will ask what has come from legalising assisted suicide.

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The Red Pill Report episode 153.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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UK News

The opposition is now governing!

Julian Assange exposed to psychological torture for prolonged time

Tommy Robinson

Bulgaria v England: ‘Football family’ must ‘wage war on the racists’ says Uefa president

Margaret Sanger, racist eugenicist extraordinaire

Planned Parenthood founded on racism, belief in protecting society against ‘the unfit’

First UK Chick-fil-A to close in LGBT rights row

Policing pronouns

Cheshire Police on pronouns

Universities want to pursue unintentional ‘hate crimes

Sturgeon says indyref2 ‘must happen next year

Brexit News

Ten days to brexit… or…

World News – US Presidential 2020



Kurdish-Israeli Alliance: Solomon’s Genies, Jewish Mamas & Nephilim Babies
Hellish Holidays: Will the Grinch Lynch Trump by Christmas?

Church News

Humanists take radical anti-human rights stance on education

Science News – Climate Change

Posh climate activists pick wrong working-class train to block

Bitcoin Mining vs Solar pannels.

Technology News

Legalising assisted suicide discourages medical treatment, US report reveals

The slippery slope of sexual liberation.

‘I thought ‘becoming a woman’ would make me happy – it didn’t’

Christian school governor fears sack for questioning LGBT reading list and pride month.


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