TRPR 192 – News Review 20 July 2020.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, including the persecution of Christians in China, mower news on the BLM movement, Some Covid-19 news and a little on Kanye West.

Show notes

The Red Pill Report episode 192.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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Church News

Christians in China ordered to renounce faith, worship the communist government to receive welfare payments

BLM News.

Black Lives Matter is ‘a spiritual movement,’ says co-founder Patrisse Cullors

Man in custody after Nantes cathedral fire: French media

Oxford stuneds given preferensial tretment is traumatised by killing of George Floyd.

Portland protests: Oregon sues over ‘unlawful detentions’

“Baby Lives Matter” Painted Outside Planned Parenthood

UK study shows COVID-19 antibodies fade quickly, rendering vaccines pointless

Sign My Petition South Carolina … So I Can Be Your President!!!


If you want to know more about how Jesus can forgive your sins and how to find Gods way to live. This study may be helpful to you.

Finding God’s Way.

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