TRPR 197 – News Review 28 July 2020.

Today Andrew gives his take on the news that the church should be taking note of, today the Marxist BLM movement.

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The Clash of Two Worldviews: Evolution and Biblical Creation—by CMI–Australia’s Mark Emerson

Wednesday 29 July. 10:30am BST


BLM News

EXPLOSIVES are used against feds and cops in Seattle, Portland and Atlanta

Edmonton cuts police budget by $11M — as murder rate hits record high

Smithsonian Pushes Racist Material Claiming ‘White Culture’ Is ‘Nuclear Family,’ ‘Self-Reliance,’ Being ‘Polite’

Peace-loving black Trump super-supporter shot dead hours after giving pro-Trump interview

Baptisms, miracles taking place in revival at site where George Floyd died, Christian groups say.

Giants’ pitcher Sam Coonrod refuses to kneel during Black Lives Matter moment because of faith: ‘I’m a Christian’


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Finding God’s Way.

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