TRPR 45 – Man gives brith? and more.

From our ransomed souls being translated to heaven at the end of our lives to a Trans-man giving birth to a baby… What a week in the news.

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‘Iconic’ blue British passport to return after Brexit

Prince Charles tells UK Christians to cherish their freedoms

Jerusalem: UN resolution rejects Trump’s declaration

Higher temperatures linked to EU asylum figures

BBC to ramp up output on multi-faith content

Activists want free sex-change hormones for CHILDREN: ‘We demand hormones and blockers’

Victoria Derbyshire Show, ‘I gave birth as both genders’


God help is… he has…

Merry Christmas from Answers in Genesis!

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    • Hi Bob,

      You are too right. But to keep balance and to make sure that people are not accusing us of standing over, and in judgment, of those caught in the transgender mess… Pride and lust and greed are of the devil too. Much of my life is sinful and is of the devil and not glorifying to God.

      I think the big difference we see between what might be called ordinary sin and the LGBT sins… (for want of better words), is that I do not try to persuade everyone that my lust or greed or… add you sin of choice here, I do not try to persuade everyone that they must affirm me in my sin and that they must facilitate that sin by using supportive and affirming language.

      I am ashamed of my sin.

      Transgenderism is of the devil, but so is much of my life too.

      We love our brothers who are trapped by choice or other reason in the LGBT life and wish that they too could know the joy and freedom of new birth in Christ.

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