TRPR 51 – When Conspiracy Theory is found to be Conspiracy FACT!

When Conspiracy Theory is found to be Conspiracy FACT! with Joe Hagmann and Jon Robberson. The conspiracy that has been within the FBI, Democrats and the Clintons and many more to spy on and unseat Donald Trump. Plus a look at the week’s news.

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The Red Pill Report episode 51.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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Femme Feral

FEMME FERAL is the queer feminist fight club where women and femme-identifying people channel their rage through body-slams and dropkicks.

From the musical “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and sung by Donny Osmond, Close Every Door – with Lyrics.


Interview with Joe Hagmann and Jon Robberson.

Today we have Joe Hagmann and Jon Robberson of the Hagman Report to discuss the plot to stop then remove Donald Trump from the precedence of the USA.

Joe Hagmann is the co-host of the Hagman Report and or the Hagmann Daily show.

Jon Robberson is the producer of the Hagman Report and co-host of the Hagman Daily show.

Recently the House Intelligence Committee released the controversial document, which alleges surveillance abuses by the FBI.

House Intelligence Committee memo

The official PDF is available here, (the first two pages are a covering letter), you may want to have a copy of this in your hands as you listen to today’s interview.

All three of the Hagmann podcast/videocasts shows can be found at the Hagmann Website

Or on their YouTube channel. Many of the shows are also available here in bite-sized bits.

Hagmann Show

Doug Hagmann

Joe Hagmann

Jon Robberson


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