TRPR 53 – The Brit Girl Interview

This week we have a great interview with the YouTube star, Brit Girl. She describes herself as a “Libertarian mum just trying to wake up Europe.” I might describe her as an ordinary person who has her eyes open, or as she puts it at one time in the interview, “who has been Red Pilled.” Reference to the movie Matrix, not to this podcast.

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The Red Pill Report episode 53.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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Earthquake felt across much of England and Wales

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Leftists spreading hate about the Black Panther Movie

Furore over River Island’s ‘Gender Free’ advert with gay kiss.

What is the I in LGBTQIA+?

Citigroup to invest in new ‘innovation centre’ in London

Japanese bank invests in 20-year office lease in Brexit London

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Brit Girl

Interview with Brit Girl.

This weeks interview is with Brit girl. She describes herself as a Libertarian mum just trying to wake up Europe, and wow is she doing a good job of that.

Andrew and Brit Girl chat over many subjects from Islam and the Islamification of parts of Britan to the need for us to stand firm on Brexit, as well as subjects around the LGBT area.

Brit Girl posts regularly on both and on YouTube, so go to both of her sites and hit follow or subscribe, followed by the notification bell if you are on YouTube.

Brit Girl on

Brit Girl on YouTube

Battle For Britain

It’s time to show our Government that they serve the people.

The people voted Brexit and we will see that vote respected.

On behalf of people committed to ensuring the United Kingdom ‘EXITS’ the European Union.

We will assemble adjacent to No: 10 Downing street at 11am on Wednesday 28th February 2018 (duration approximately 2 hours), where upon a written declaration will be delivered to No: 10 Downing Street. We call upon all those that hold our Sovereignty, Independence and Democracy as crucial to our future existence as a Nation, to attend and support this event exercising our rights to gather and express our freedom of speech. A speech will be given by Bill Etheridge (UKIP member of the European Parliament whom is totally committed to the UK exiting from the European Union). Thank you for your support. The larger the numbers, the larger our voice.


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  1. Great interview. Brit Girl just tells it like it is. I feel the same having grown up in a suburb of a large British City. EU open borders it was always going to happen. I blame the governments of the past and not just Blair. Back before him too. Listen to the Rivers of Blood speech from the 1960s. Enoch Powell.

    • Thanks Frank,

      I very much enjoyed chatting with Brit Girl. I was nice to be able to hear a little more of her background and to learn a little more about who she was and not just hear her current views.

      I do not think it is yet too late for the UK, but it is nearly. Mathematically we are doomed to become an Islamic state, but it the church woke up and sought God in serious prayer and repentance we could actually see a global mission fealed ripe for the harvest just outside our front doors.

      No need for visas or travel expenses.

      Reach them with the Gospel and they will take it back to their families, town and villages around the world.

      But is we do not do this, then maybe not for us, but for our children things look very bad.

  2. I agree. It has been sad to see many former churches in my local area become derelict and eventually turned into housing.
    Christianity is by far still the predominant religion in the UK so i suppose if Christians wore any kind of regalia then we may already be used to the burkha. The muslim dress/personal code allows them to stand out and say that they are Muslim. Aside from nuns/monks British Christians do have a particular dress code. Jews aside of course.

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