TRPR 62 – The news of the last two weeks.

Andrew is back and almost better from his abscess and reviews the last two weeks news as it relates to the church in the UK.

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The Red Pill Report episode 62.

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Ofsted will not inspect Sunday

Humanist Who Doesn’t Believe in God Is Picked to Lead Christian Chaplains Helping Patients

OPCW: ‘No Chemical weapons at Barzah’

Two of the sites in Syria bombed on the pretext of being chemical weapons facilities were cleared of being exactly that by the OPCW only last month, we have learned. Ministers must have known that. It is shocking news. One facility may even have been developing cancer treatments, in a country banned from importing such medicines. But your prayers were undoubtedly heard and Syria was spared a worse attack.

Israel and US cyber attack triggered missile defence

Sex-starved Commonwealth Games competitors to get 34 condoms EACH in athlete’s village

Hamas “Press Office”: Truth Finishes Last

Let Turkish Scholars Speak: See What Islamism Is About

Turkey Targeting Greece – Again

Germany’s EU minister has said the bloc shouldn’t stop accession talks with Turkey, despite vile threats from Islamist dictator Recep Erdoğan.

From Barnabus Fund

  • Two killed in Quetta church shooting.
  • Egyptian Christian young woman kidnapped.
  • Authorities in Chinese city order religious believers to register.
  • Kazakh government demands details of all Christian children.

After nearly 100 years of gun control London

Here’s what the London Mayor is doing to tackle violent crime

Telegraph have 6 internships only open to non-white candidates

Home education compulsory registration?

Wages up, basic pay rise fastest since August 2015 as labour market tightens

Two-thirds of ‘child refugees’ in UK who were questioned are actually adults

Blair wants Germany, Merkel to help stop Brexit

Soros gives another £400k to anti-Brexit group

Hungarian Foreign Minister: No matter how many times Soros visits Brussels, we will not back down

Juncker eyes EU West Balkan expansion; Albania & Macedonia to start accession talks

Los Angeles Pays $40,000/Mile For Street Coating To Fight Climate Change

Suicide Machine Draws Crowds At Amsterdam Funeral Show

European Commission Suggests Robots Should Have Rights, Too

Autonomous Killer Drones Will Soon Decide Who, When And Where

Mind the Gap (Gender Pay gap)

Ozanne Foundation Unveils Strategy to Combat “Prejudice”


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