TRPR 83 – News Review 30th July 2018.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of.

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The Red Pill Report episode 83.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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UK News

Hide Your Crosses and Bibles – How Equality leads to the removal of public Christianity.

And ‘Offensive’ Christian symbols being hidden at Scottish crematoria

‘Override parents’ consent’, named persons told

Govt officials forcing docs to ask about sexuality while not disclosing theirs

UK launches “ethnic origins study” of Muslim rape gangs

Britain needs a new treason law to tackle terrorism

White Helmets

White Helmet jihadists coming to UK

WARNING Contains disterbing footage.

Brexit News

Brexit threat to sandwiches

Polls point to anti-EU surge in European Parliament

Germany: Rise of the Salafists

France: Muslims set church on fire, spray “Allahu akbar” on the wall

EU recruiting for ‘European Defence Agency’

Church News

UK Judge Exonerates Merchant Booted From Street Market Over ‘Homophobic’ Gospel Tract

World News

The EU-funded wall that nobody wants to talk about

Trump and Putin – START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)

Israel shoots down Syrian jet; both countries say plane was in their airspace

The Slippery Slope of Sexual Liberation.

Woman banned from gym for objecting to sharing with men


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