TRPR 85 – News Review 14th August 2018.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of.

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The Red Pill Report episode 85.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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Silencing Free Speach.

YouTube, Facebook and iTunes drop InfoWars

Gab user’s anti-Semitic posts removed

Boris Johnson Sparks ‘Burka-Gate’

Andrew Bridgen is the Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire “Burka furore is fake outrage from those trying to punish Boris for Brexit.

YouTube Starts ‘Fact-Checking’ On Videos Challenging Climate Change

UK News

Tommy Robinson crowdfunding page

Muslim convert admits London Oxford Street terror plot

Off-duty PC stabbed during Lewisham robbery

Modern slavery in the UK: ‘They could be sat right in front of you’

‘I was kidnapped in London and trafficked for sex’

Brexit News

Netherlands: Former MP commits suicide, says she was gang-raped by Muslims who asked, “Do you respect Allah?”

Lower migration means wage rise for British workers

Church News

Victory as restrictions lifted on nurse who gave Bible to Patient.

World News

The troubled 29-year-old helped to die by Dutch doctors

Yemen war: Saudis to probe air strike child deaths

Hacking the US mid-terms? It’s child’s play

Turkey’s Economic Collapse Could Bring Down Europe

Russia, China Block US Sanctions On Russia, North Korea At United Nations

Russia tells Washington curbs on its banks would be act of economic war

The Slippery Slope of Sexual Liberation.

Argentina abortion: Senate defeats bill

France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults


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