Trump locking children in cages… or is he?

Social media has been flooded with the above picture and claims that the US government is separating children from their parents, (parents who are criminals, illegal immigrants), then putting the children in cages like animals.

Caged toddler out or the cage. There children in the cage holding posters.

But is that what was happening?

No. The boy was in a cage, but he was put in their by his parents to stage the photo.

The photograph was taken at a protest to call attention to the Trump administration’s practice of separating families and confining undocumented children. The photo was taken on the 10th June 2018, in front of Dallas City Hall.

So powerful has been the outcry that this photo has raised that US President Donald Trump has bowed to public pressure and signed an executive order promising to “keep families together” in migrant detentions.

Mr Trump reversed his own policy amid international fury over the separation of undocumented parents and children. He said he had been swayed by images of children who have been taken from parents while they are jailed and prosecuted for illegal border-crossing.

Ho… and by the way. We are frequently separating parents and children when the parents break the law, and illegally crossing a countries borders is a crime. Yes, it is hard on the children and presumably the parents too, but that is the effect of crime.

Interestingly, many of the parents of the children being brought across the boards are not… well, not the parents. there is often NO genetic relationship.

For more on this story see Mark Dice’s coverage below.

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