UK Government – LGBT Action Plan 2018 – part four.

In part one of this look into the British Government’s LGBT Action Plan 2018- Improving the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, we looked at the introduction. Part two looks at the Executive summary, part three looked at the funding. Let us move on now to the section on Health.


Most of my comments here are trivial. LGBT people are to be privileged above ordinary heterosexuals and we are to fund this and their life choices. But there is not really that much in this section to talk about. I have made a few comments, some of them a bit tongue in cheek.

Your sexual orientation or gender identity can have a significant impact on your physical, mental and sexual health and wellbeing. Existing evidence shows that health outcomes are generally worse for LGBT people than the rest of the population, and that LGBT people feel that their specific needs are not taken into account in their care.

If you or I suggested that the “LGBT lifestyle” was less healthy we would be committing a “hate crime”

There are of course consequences of say, male sodomy, that is a real health problem, but you can not really blame that on the rest of us not being caring enough.

It appears to be, though “it’s contrary to all reason… that Lesbians have significantly higher pregnancy rates than their heterosexual peers.” “gay males… are substantially more likely to impregnate their sexual partners than are heterosexual males.

OK, so the world has just gone mad. No wonder the LGBT community needs more sexual health support, they appear not to even know what a lesbian or a homosexual man is.

Our survey showed that large numbers of respondents had difficulty accessing healthcare services and especially gender identity clinics. It also showed many respondents had experienced inappropriate questioning and curiosity from healthcare staff, and that some respondents feel their specific needs were ignored or not taken into account when accessing healthcare.

Many people have difficulty getting the health care that they would like. People on dialysis, or who need a bone marrow transplant to name a few. Some cannot get an NHS dentist. I think we need to look at what the NHS was set up to do… especially in this 70th year of the NHS.

In my opinion, the NHS was never intended to provide sex-change operations or anything like this. It was to provide a basic standard of emergency health care if you broke a leg or got meningitis. Not Paracetamol for a headache or cough mixture or breast enlargements. There was a call in government this week for the government to provide or subsidise women’s sanitary products. Were will the, “let the government provide”. cry end. I need razors, my dad could use a hair transplant, my wife says that she was born, ‘to poor,’ and would the government make her rich.

The NHS is for the healthcare that everyone needs and that you cannot easily provide yourself.

Some of the most important findings include: at least 16% of survey respondents who accessed or tried to access public health services had a negative experience because of their sexual orientation, and at least 38% had a negative experience because of their gender identity.

We can not make doctors or nurses etc into automatons who have no reaction to, out of the ordinary presentations. Do we really expect that if a hairy bearded man truns up to a woman health clinick that there will be no reactions? Yes, I do no that I am exagerating, that is called hyperbably.

no matter how you dress it up, a man talking about himself as a woman is not… normal. I think I can get away with the word normal as there are less than 50% of trans… (whatever they are… I suppose I should call him a Trans Woman), in society.

When we wanted our third baby, my wife was told that her womb would explode. and the birth after she had a cesarian she was told that she COULD NOT have a normal birth. Both wrong, but we have not gone to the government seeking that charities be funded to support people who have more than two children. We laughed it off as a silly doctorl.

fifty one percent of survey respondents who accessed or tried to access mental health services said they had to wait too long, 27% were worried, anxious or embarrassed about going and 16% said their GP was not supportive.

Have no straight people been embarrassed to access mental health services?

We have not had inoculations for the youngest of our children. Our GP was not supportive of that either. Can I have a government-funded charity to support us?

eighty percent of trans respondents who accessed or tried to access gender identity clinics said it was not easy, with long waiting times the most common barrier

Lots of things in life are hard. Having a sex change probably should be hard.

We will ensure that LGBT people’s needs are at the heart of the National Health Service. We want LGBT people to easily access healthcare when they need it most, and feel comfortable disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity so that they get the best possible care.

Hey, is this fare? Why is the LGBT community to be given preferential access to the NHS?

What the government will do

We will appoint a National Adviser to lead improvements to LGBT healthcare. The National Adviser will focus on reducing the heath inequalities that LGBT people face, and advise on ways to improve the care LGBT people receive when accessing the NHS and public health services. They will work across the NHS to ensure that the needs of LGBT people are considered throughout the health system.

Humm.. that sounds good, but it will not be. It will be preferential treatment and more money to the LGBT community and forced mind changing for all NHS workers.

The National Adviser will work to improve healthcare professionals’ awareness of LGBT issues so they can provide better patient care. The National Adviser will work with relevant statutory organisations and professional associations to embed LGBT issues into physical and mental health services.

Can anyone under 100yrs, not know about the LGBT community and its needs?

We will improve the way gender identity services work for transgender adults. In 2019, NHS England will decide on the future configuration of adult gender identity services in England, and will seek to establish a more modern care model that delivers high quality outcomes in which clinical capacity can be more flexibly deployed. The Government Equalities Office will produce advice about the Gender Recognition Act for GP surgeries and gender identity clinics.

The long and the short… you are going to pay for hormone treatments and sex-change operations.

We will improve our understanding of the impacts on children and adolescents of changing their gender. The Government Equalities Office will gather evidence on the issues faced by people assigned female at birth who transition in adolescence.

They will improve their understanding and gather evidence, but under conditions were considering the possibility that, someone might not want to be gay, might not want to transition, or if they have transitioned they may regret it, is not PC, or is unthinkable.

We will take action to improve mental healthcare for LGBT people. The Department of Health and Social Care and the Government Equalities Office will jointly develop a plan focussed on reducing suicides amongst the LGBT population. The Department of Health and Social Care will ensure LGBT people’s needs are addressed in the updated Suicide Prevention Strategy, and the new Health Education England suicide prevention competency framework will cover high-risk groups including LGBT people.

But we will not be allowed to ask if the reason gay people have such high suicide rates is that they know homosexuality is wrong. Suicide rates actually go up in line with a more tolerant a society is, so it does not appear to because of stigmatisations.

We will enhance fertility services for LGBT people. The Department for Health and Social Care will revise surrogacy legislation so single people (including LGBT individuals) can access legal parenthood after a surrogacy arrangement.

Lesbian and male gay relationships are by nature sterile… well they would be apart from the fact that “Lesbians have significantly higher pregnancy rates than their heterosexual peers.” “gay males… are substantially more likely to impregnate their sexual partners than are heterosexual males.

A male-male couple or female-female couple can not have children. But… hay, in this case, we will throughout the science and help them conceive.

I will not go into all the children do best with married mother and father here… it is all so well known.

We will ensure LGBT people’s needs are taken into account in health and social care regulation. The Care Quality Commission will continue to improve how it inspects the experience of LGBT people in adult social care and mental health in-patient wards, and we will begin to inspect all gender identity clinics on a risk basis. The Care Quality Commission will develop guidance for care quality inspectors on the healthcare pathway for people who are transitioning their gender, and embed LGBT equality issues into the methodology used by inspectors.

I just do not know where to begin with this one.

We will support improved monitoring of sexual orientation and gender identity in healthcare services to enable better patient care. The Government Equalities Office will develop best practice guidance for monitoring and make this openly available to the public sector, and the National Adviser will work to ensure healthcare professionals understand the benefits of asking patients about their sexual orientation and gender identity. The Care Quality Commission will look at how we can promote the NHS England voluntary sexual orientation monitoring standard for people using health and social care services.

Grandma will constantly be asked about her sexual orientation, whenever she goes to the hospital or clinic.

We will work to tackle body image pressures that LGBT young people face. The Government Equalities Office will consider the specific challenges faced by LGBT people as part of our broader work to build the evidence base on the causes and impacts of body dissatisfaction.

Only ugly women and bearded ladies will be allowed in adverts. Not quite, but we will move that way.

We will continue to review the blood donation deferral period for men who have sex with men. NHS Blood and Transplant will explore ways that a more personalised risk assessment can be introduced, to allow more people to donate blood without impacting on blood safety; currently there is very little data on effective ways of carrying out such risk assessments. The initial scoping, evidence gathering and testing may take up to two years to complete.

Why is there a deferral period for men who have sex with men? We are constantly being told that there is no difference between men and women so why would you have this period. Hay, men can even take part in women’s sports now, so there can not be a physical difference… Or is this just not actually true? Is it actually less healthy for a man to have sex with a man… no, it could not be. In Canada you can get in BIG truble if you suggest such a thing.

We are committed to tackling HIV transmission, AIDS and HIV-related deaths. As part of this, we are currently funding a 3 year trial with 10,000 people to determine how best to deliver ‘PrEP’. NHS England will consider the impact of increasing the PrEP trial further.

Again, you are to pay to fund the sexual lives of the immoral.

We will take action to improve the support for LGBT people with learning disabilities. The Department of Health and Social Care will review, collate and disseminate existing best practice guidance and advice regarding LGBT issues and learning disability; and will also ensure that training requirements for support staff and advocates who work with people with learning disabilities includes advice regarding LGBT people.

Far enough.

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