UK Government – LGBT Action Plan 2018 – part three.

In part one of this look into the British Government’s LGBT Action Plan 2018- Improving the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, we looked at the introduction. Part two looks at the Executive summary. Let us move on now to the Funding of this plan.

Funding for the delivery of this plan

…We want the scale of the response to meet the scale of the challenge set out in the national LGBT survey results, and that means we need a coordinated approach across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Humm. If you are a young family trying to buy your first home… No chance. Want to bring Sodom to the UK, how can we help you?

There is little help to support business startups that might help the UK become prosperous again, our Transport is a mess both on the roads and rails, Brexit… no planning, well not much until now. But if you are upset about being a boy or someone using the wrong pronoun… You need a coordinated approach. We will have to bring the public, private and voluntary sectors into action so you, FEEL ok.

LGBT organisations and charities were viewed as the most helpful when handling the most serious incidents experienced by respondents…

We, the British people will be made to fund organisations that are not only supportive of LGBT concerns but who are often militantly against those of us who are of a traditional view of marriage and sex.

We also want to… ensure the LGBT charities sector is put on a sustainable footing.

While you or I need to struggle to fund our ministries such as The Red Pill Report, or a church or missionary ministry… LGBT ministries are going to be given a sure and secure funding programme. And YOU will pay for it.

We also want to work with other kinds of organisations, like academic institutions, to ensure we have access to the best possible research and evidence.

Academic institutions like Bath Spa University who stop research into people who decide to reverse gender reassignment operations, because it could be “politically incorrect”.

We will fund ‘academic institutions’ to bring forward solutions to LGBT issues and to support the life choices of the LGBT community, who refuse to consider any possibility that there could be anything wrong with the LGBT lifestyle. Well actually even worse, even if they did believe that there was something wrong or could be something wrong they would refuse to look into it because it could be “politically incorrect”.

we will make available £4.5 million to deliver commitments in this action plan and other projects, through an ‘LGBT Implementation Fund’.

You must pay for and support the perversion of our society.

Some of this funding will be used to deliver projects within government. The remainder will be made available to public, private and voluntary sector organisations to deliver projects to support LGBT people.

Again, you will support anti-Christian organisations.

The Government Equalities Office will manage the funding, and decide how money is allocated to projects.

Government Equalities – is this the same people who take Christian bakers to court? Not sure. But I bet they will take churches, that support people wanting to leave the LGBT life, to court soon.

we intend to secure additional funding after March 2020.

This is to be long-term. These pro-LGBT organisations are now set for a long financially trouble-free run at remaking the British moral and social landscape.

we will also provide support to small LGBT charities and organisations looking to diversify their funding as part of this package. This will focus on improving the skills small organisations have to enable them to better support their users

Not only will you fund these anti-Christian charities and organisations, but you will fund improving their skills. Christian charities and organisations will have to fight for their funding and work on the whole from the few skills that us amateur have, but these organisations will be helped in almost every way to changes our society.

“… ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5)

You do not need to defer to the true God, you can decide what is right for yourself. Just make it up as you go along. Whatever you like, that must be good. Anything or anyone that stands against you will… they must be evil.

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