UK on a collision course

The Guardian Newspaper states that, the UK role in brokering the UN’s resolution condemning Israel re its policy of building settlements on occupied Palestinian territory has left, ‘the UK on a collision course not just with Israel, but at odds with Donald Trump.’

There are at least three much more important issues that arise from the UK involvement in this disastrous resolution.

First, and here I will not go into all the biblical and historical evidence surrounding the facts of this situation, You can find out much for the background from John McTernan on the H&H report here.

But the facts is that it is not just Israel and Donald Trump that the UK is on a collision course with, But God. God is building the nation of Israel and will protect the nation of Israel and Jerusalem will be where Jesus returns at his second coming.

And before you get all huffy with me and go off about all the evils of Israel as a nation, give the time to watch John McTernan on the H&H report, and get a little of the UN/media/leftist propaganda out of your mind.

Second, we open the UK up to punishment for standing against the Lord’s anointed nation. Time is short and maybe another time I will look at the biblical support and the historic evidence for the punishment that God meters out to nations that stand against Israel.

Third, we are partakers in the events that are setting up the middle east for a major war. From the time of George W Bush and then accelerating through Barack Husain Obama, the middle east has been ripped apart. In some ways, it might be heard to see how things can get and worse, but they can.

The Muslim nations surrounding Israel have all sworn at times in the past that they will destroy Israel. If Israel is forced to return to what are sometimes referred to as pre-1967 borders, Israel will be left with an area of land that is indefensible against attack from it enemies.

Pushing Israel up against the wall like this will give them little or no alternative but to fight back, either against the coalition of 70 countries, that are trying to cripple the state of Israel or against the local nations, should they attack.

Be very, very careful, if they can, the media will persuade you that it is always Israel that is in the wrong and the Palestinians who are seeking peace. This is very far from the truth.

I can not say more now, time is running out and I want to post this today, but one last thing. PRAY, Pray for Israel and for God’s hand of protection on Israel, but also on us, if or when we move against Israel.

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