Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media just received an urgent phone call from Tommy Robinson, asking for help. MORE at http://www.SaveTommy.com or here to donate in British pounds.

Tommy’s already served two months in prison improperly — it’s astounding that the UK government wants him to serve more time. Please sign their petition here.


  1. I don’t endorse everything that Tommy Robinson says or does BUT his case clearly shows the appalling double standards that apply in this wicked and evil country.

    If a person promotes anti-Trump politics, or gay rights, or Muslim rights, then their right of free speech is protected, and I agree with that; however, if anyone expresses a view in line with the Bible on unnatural perversions, or the view that there is only one way to Heaven, or expressing concern about the subjugation of women in Islam, then the liberal elite do their utmost to silence them by any means.

    It is clear that the Police are being used, not to protect the innocent from criminals, but to act as the arm of an increasingly repressive state. Our human rights are being eroded in the name of political correctness; indeed, the PC culture is the new Nazi Party.

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