What is wrong with this headline?

Reuters report on an article in the American Journal of Public Health about a new study of New York City high school students. The Reuters headline is…

Pregnancies more common among lesbian, gay, bisexual youths.

Apparently, “Pregnancies are more common among lesbian, gay, bisexual youths than among their heterosexual counterparts.” In fact, the study suggests that pregnancies are around twice as likely.

The study’s lead author from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, Lisa Lindley is reported to have said, “The message for me is that these populations are often ignored or assumed to not need information or reproductive care or services and they absolutely do,”

Humm, apart from the facts that probably all of these, LGBT students have been sitting in exactly the same sex educations classes that all of their heterosexual friends have been in, Lisa’s statement makes perfect sense. Ho, and of course that most of the people teaching sex education, may have thought that it was biologically impossible for lesbians or homosexual men to conceive.

This report found out that, “What really accounted for most of the risk for the girls was sexual behaviour,” and that “Basically the earlier they initiated intercourse and the more partners they had the more likely they were to become pregnant.” Hmmm. that must have been a surprise. (Can you actually get funding for this?)

Brittany Charlton of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital said that this study, “can’t untangle nuances in pregnancy rates between subgroups, such as lesbians compared to bisexual women.” Humm… is it only experts that do not know that Lesbians, (under normal circumstances), can not EVER get pregnant, but bisexuals can?

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